Floral Print Duster Kimono Jacket

Floral Print Duster Kimono Jacket - Motherhood Charm

Floral Print Duster Kimono Jacket 

Hi mamas!

Happy Thursday! Here is to the first weekend in May! We have a busy start of the month with V’s Kindergarten registration/orientation, birthday celebrations, outings, a Christening, Mother’s Day, and a few other things. My big boy is turning FIVE in a few days. FIVE!! Cannot wrap my head around it! I love the month of May because everything (usually) is blooming, the grass is getting greener and the trees are getting leaves. Lately, the weather in Chicago had been messing with us, with snow last weekend and now rain all week. But, that’s okay because sun always comes out.

The purpose of Motherhood Charm

Which brings me to another thought I had the other day….. what’s the purpose of my Instagram page? Besides being a social media Influencer and Content Creator, it dawned on me that I am not just sharing photos of pretty outfits just because. I am sharing photos of pretty outfits because I want to encourage you to get up and dress up for motherhood. Yes, you. Yes, to getting up in the morning and putting on a flawless in five make up face {see my everyday makeup routine here}. No, to always wearing stained shirts and leggings. No, to excuses of not having time. No, to making yourself feel less. And, yes to taking care of yourself, having the me time that you deserve, and doing motherhood in style.

Motherhood in Style

I realized that I have never lost my true purpose on Instagram, and that I have followed through on everything – the charms of motherhood, the good {usually the photos on the feed}, the real {tune in to our stories daily for a dose of real mom life} and everything in between.

I want you, mamas to feel good about yourself, to embrace the bodies that you have and dress for them. This may sound crazy, but if you need helping picking out your outfits for the week, whether that be your work outfits, lounge at home outfits, head to the park/run errands outfits, or weekend coffee date outfits I will help you. Regardless of what you’re doing, you can always do it in style. Mind you, I don’t tend to follow every trend or own every fashion piece, but I have curated my own style that works for me and my lifestyle. You can do that too. I can help you. I want you to feel and look good, and sometimes a little bit of make up and a cute outfit is all you need.

Today’s Mom Outfit

Which brings me to this outfit today, that I wanted to share with you for Spring and even Summer.

White Jeans

If you don’t already own a pair of white jeans, you need to stop what you’re doing and buy yourself a pair. Trust me on this, you need it for Spring & Summer. White jeans work with every top you can imagine – from plain tees, to button ups, to tank tops, kimonos, sweaters, etc. you need it mama! And, don’t worry about getting them stained and dirty. I didn’t see wear them to the farm on a rainy & muddy day. Trust me, I have three little ones and I wear white.

Floral Kimono

I picked this long floral kimono the other day because in my mind I always saw several outfits from it. One being this curated outfit with white jeans and a tank top that I wore for a coffee date with bestie & then ice cream with the kiddos. Second being a cover this Summer when we are at the beach. Then a dress I could wear at night for dinner. You can switch the jeans for shorts. You can wear it over a dress. This here, is just one way to wear it.

You can see how I styled a shorter version of a kimono here last year around this time. Very similar to this, but I wore a bodysuit instead.

Floral Print Duster Kimono Jacket - Motherhood Charm

Floral Print Duster Kimono Jacket - Motherhood Charm

Floral Print Duster Kimono Jacket - Motherhood Charm

Floral Print Duster Kimono Jacket - Motherhood Charm

Floral Print Duster Kimono Jacket - Motherhood Charm

Floral Print Duster Kimono Jacket - Motherhood Charm

Floral Print Duster Kimono Jacket - Motherhood Charm

Floral Print Duster Kimono Jacket - Motherhood Charm

The Outfit
The Accessories
Reminder to you Mama

Mamas, don’t be afraid to look good. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot. Don’t let yourself believe you shouldn’t. Get up, dress up and conquer the day no matter what your day looks like.

I truly hope to inspire you to be a better version of yourself rather than comparing yourself to others – read my thoughts on how Comparison is the thief of Joy post here. I truly hope to show you the charms of motherhood and that you too can do motherhood in style.

The shoes were in Collaboration with Earth Shoes and you can read all about these comfy shoes and my experience with Earth Shoes at Mirobali Store here.

Thank you for always supporting me, and giving me your feedback. I love this beautiful community of mamas and women I have met. There is truly nothing better than connecting with you all.

Xoxo, Vesna

Follow me on Instagram @motherhood_charm for a daily dose of real motherhood, and style.


Motherhood in Style - Motherhood Charm

Motherhood in Style - Motherhood Style

    1. It’s such a great piece to add to your wardrobe. You can style it a few different ways.

    1. They are so versatile! I can wear this one as a kimono, beach cover up, date night dress too!

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