Transitioning to a Big Girl Bed with Beddy’s Beds

Transitioning to a Big Girl Bed with Beddy’s Beds - Motherhood CharmTransition to Big Girl Bed - Motherhood CharmBeddy’s Beds makeover - Motherhood Charm

Hi! Hope you’re having a good day so far. It’s been raining here non-stop so we have occupied ourselves with little projects around the house. The boys are enjoying their magnetic stick and stack from Shape Mags (read the full post here if you missed it and I am happy they can play for a long while. Anastasija loves it too. And honestly, so do I.

On the other hand, our trip to Europe is coming up and being that we will all be sleeping on big beds, including Anastasija I figured this would be good time to transition her from the crib to her big girl bed. Besides, the mini crib is getting too small for her. We didn’t do this with the boys because they semi “co-slept” with us so they were used to big beds, but not Anastasija. She never slept in our bed, so not to make our trip more chaotic than it needs to be I decided to do it now.

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Beddy’s Bed

I am so excited to be partnering up with Beddy’s Beds again for her transition to big girl bed. You can see how we transitioned the boys’ beds here with Beddy’s Beds too. This is a sponsored post, and I am always happy to disclose that. But, regardless Beddy’s Beds zip up bedding is the best thing ever. I mean, who wants to tuck in bedding when you can just zip it up? I am happy to say the boys make their own beds every morning. They got into a routine, and even if they try to be sneaky and not make their beds it’s so easy that they always end up doing it.

As many of you know we live in a two bedroom condo, so up to this point the boys shared a room and Anastasija was with us. You can see the boys shared room here just before the update. Well, now all three are going to share a room. I have never had experience with this, obviously but at the same time haven’t found any other similar stories. The plan is, to hopefully have all three sleeping in the same room and sharing everything.

Also, if you have seen my stories lately I have shared the progress from Day One/Night One. You can still catch it under the Highlights.

Transitioning to a Big Girl Bed with Beddy’s Beds - Motherhood CharmTransitioning to a Big Girl Bed with Beddy’s Beds - Motherhood CharmTransitioning to a Big Girl Bed with Beddy’s Beds - Motherhood Charm

We positioned Anastasija’s bed in the middle, as personally this is how I have pictured it since she was a baby. I love their beds, and the fact that they are extendable. You can extend them from toddler beds to twin beds just by sliding the frame. These beds are from Ikea and I would definitely recommend to everyone. I wanted white metal bed frame for Anastasija, and that’s what we got. Although my husband didn’t really like the metal frame, but he loves the bedding too. Literarily, everyone that comes over I rave about the bedding. I swear, it’s that good and so worth the investment.

The boys have matching bedding sets, which I love but I wanted something different for Anastasija and the White bedding was the perfect addition. I love how her bed being in the middle pulls the room together. We got her this blush pink decorative pillow and the grey polka dot blanket. I am obsessed with everything.

Another thing I love about Beddy’s Bed bedding is:

  • They are 100% cotton and handmade 
  • The zipper is accessible from both sides so you don’t feel confined to bed as a sleeping bag 
  • And, the washing instructions are super simple

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There is just enough room between the beds to walk, but definitely no room to play. So, we have moved their play area to a corner in the living room. We got this extra storage organizer in white for all their smaller toys to fit in, such as dinosaurs, cars, superheroes, etc. I lines up their Ikea kitchen, with table and chairs against the wall and it fits in just perfectly. The room’s purpose has shifted from play area to sleeping area, but we are fine with that. They love their beds and love playing in their room still, despite the lack of space.

I tried to keep the room as gender neutral as possible as I want all three to feel welcomed in the room, and I am happy with the way it turned out. I was sad to move the map from the wall, but these birth posters were the perfect addition above each bed. I mean, how perfect do they look there? I love it.

I did not work on the closet yet, this is a separate project as I am still figuring out the best way to split it in three.

Transitioning to a Big Girl Bed with Beddy’s Beds - Motherhood CharmKids Shared Bedroom and Play Area - Motherhood Charm

I am so in love with our Beddy’s Bed that I recommend them to everyone. If you decide to purchase the bedding, I would really appreciate it if you use my code MOTHERHOOD20. At no cost to you, I will earn a small commission from the sale and you get 20% off your purchase.

Thank you for stopping by and reading.



Transition from Crib to Big Girl Bed - Motherhood Charm

    1. Thank you. It’s honestly the best thing ever. You should look into it for Lily. Makes my life 10x easier.

    1. Yes! You definitely should. I recommend it to everyone that asks. I swear it’s a life saver for every mom out there!

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