How to love your mom body right now

How to love the body you have right now - Motherhood Charm

Hi beautiful mamas! We meet again on this platform, and I love that you are here. I love that you support Motherhood Charm. I feel like I can never Thank You enough for your support and love. I promise it doesn’t get unnoticed.

Lately, I have been seeing so much body shame going around on Instagram and social media in general. And, at the same time I have been seeing mamas and women in general, unite in sharing body love, spreading body positivity and embracing our postpartum bodies. I am here to do the same – spread body positivity all day every day and every chance I get.

I decided this deserved a spot on the Blog as I always preach about self-care and self-love.

The constant struggle of having body confidence - Motherhood Charm

Feel beautiful in your skin

How about you, do you feel beautiful in your own skin? Do you consider yourself beautiful postpartum? If you don’t, you will after you’re done reading this post. And if you do, then I encourage you to go and inspire someone else to feel beautiful in their skin too.

My heart has always been in the right place (duh!) what I mean is that I have always had love for my body. I have never let other people’s criticism get to me. Do you believe me? I know that people close to me, and those that have been following me on Instagram for a while believe me. I have never seen the need to justify myself to anyone, and definitely not live up to someone else’s standards. But that doesn’t mean I always loved how I looked. You, know the appearance is a thief. A thief of joy too, just like comparison. It makes you doubt yourself.

You may like Comparison is a Thief of Joy post I wrote last year too.

How to love yourself - Motherhood Charm

It’s time to love your body back

I grew up with curves, and a culture that sees skinny as beautiful. I was never skinny, and maybe I was never able to fit in (not like I wanted to fit in anyways), but today I choose to share my love for myself in hopes that you will too. I never strive to be skinny. I strive to be happy, healthy and to feel good in my skin. Right now, right this moment I feel good in my skin. I want you to feel good about yourself too. You are beautiful just as you’re.

I am not ashamed of my body, and neither should you be. I gave birth to three beautiful, healthy (that sometimes drive me crazy) babies and I am so proud of my body for doing that. I would never change a damn thing about it. Every stretch mark, every cellulite, every loose skin, everything is worth having them.

I will say this too, choosing to workout should be to make yourself feel good and your body, not to punish. Eat healthy, live a healthy lifestyle and treat your body with respect. You can be a fit mom postpartum, and you can workout as much as you desire. But, one thing you should always remember is that those stretch marks and that scar is not ugly. In fact, it’s a reminder of how amazing our bodies are for housing tiny humans.

See our last year’s edition of the similar post wearing our Kortni Jeane swimmers here.

How to actually love your body - Motherhood Charm

Embrace your postpartum body - Motherhood CharmHow to love your body back - Motherhood Charm

Don’t let your insecurities take over

Don’t let your insecurities keep you away from making memories with your family this Summer. Don’t let your insecurities get in the way of having fun with your kids. Do what makes you feel beautiful, what makes you feel good but don’t let cellulite, stretch marks, extra skin or pounds dictate your happiness. Your happiness starts from within, and you have it. Just let it out. Be happy, be care free, love yourself and your body and I promise you it will change your life.

How to love your body back - Motherhood Charm

Nobody’s perfect, simply show up

I am well aware that I am not perfect, so keep your rude and unnecessary comments to yourself. If you can’t show someone love and support, then beat it. I will forever be the mom that chases sunshine, the mom that looks at everything in a positive way and the mom that decided to show up and be present. It doesn’t matter how you show up, as long as you do.

My kids deserve a happy mother - Motherhood CharmLet them be little - Motherhood CharmLove yourself and be confident mama - Motherhood Charm

Teaching my daughter confidence starts with loving my body first - Motherhood CharmLove your body back - Motherhood Charm

Our swimsuits: Kortni Jeane

Building confidence starts now

For me, it’s so important that my kids grow up confident, loving and kind. And the only way that can happen is if I lead by example, and show them the way. If I am confident, and constantly build their confidence they will be too. I want my daughter to grow up loving herself and her body, as she sees her mother doing so fearlessly. I never want her to body shame herself, and think that being skinny is the ultimate goal. Being happy, healthy and feeling good in your skin should be her goal. They learn everything by watching us, so be careful what you preach and what you teach. You don’t want it to backfire on you.

Our bodies are proof that we can do amazing things. Our bodies are proof that nobody is perfect. Our bodies are proof that we are our only true advocates. Our bodies are proof that happiness comes from within. Our bodies are proof that we are what we make us to be.

How to love your body right now - Motherhood Charm

How to love your body and increase your self love - Motherhood Charm

Dress up, and show up mama

Dress for your body’s best. Wear outfits that make you feel beautiful in your own skin. Add a little make up. Let your hair down. And, have fun with your kids.

Share my message to embrace our bodies as they are, spread body positivity and simply show up.

And, I hope you will be inspired by this post to love yourself just a bit more, and put on that swimsuit and have a fun Summer with your babes. Tag me @motherhood_charm on Instagram when you do, or use hashtag #MotherhoodCharm and I will feature you strong, brave, body positive mamas!

Ps I am working on kiddos busy boxes for the plane and I cannot wait to show you. These are great for when on the plane, car rides or just for fun to keep busy while out and about. Stay tuned!

Xoxo, Vesna

How to love your mom body right now - Motherhoor Charm

    1. Thank you so much! I feel like we need to spread the message of body positivity more. Thank you for stopping by and reading.

    2. I am so glad to hear that. It’s time we love our bodies back.

    1. Thank you so much Lynn. Thank you for stopping by and reading. It means more than you know.

    1. Thank you so much mama, and thank you for your continuous support.

  1. Divna poruka za sve zene! Zavolite sebe bas onakve kakve jeste! Jedinstvena, samouvjerena i inspirativna! Samo napred Veki! 💕

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