Expecting Baby Number 4 and the First Trimester

Expecting Baby Number 4 and the First Trimester

Hi, friends! It’s been a while since I’ve written a post on here and sometimes I am so bad at keeping you all updated. But, now you know why. The secret is out! For those of you that missed it on Instagram, (@motherhood_charm) last week we made the announcement that baby number four is on the way!! We are so excited to add one more little bundle of joy to our family. Honestly, it still feels surreal to me. I cannot believe we will be a family of six next year. So many changes coming up in the next few months too!

Which also explains why I haven’t blogged in a while, the few weeks I had morning sickness I was not feeling motivated to do much. But here we are with a little update for you all 🙂

FOUR has always sounded really good to me. And, if you have been following Motherhood Charm Blog for a while now you’d remember I mentioned that once in a post. If you ask my husband, he was never set on having one, two, three, four, etc. kids. He just knew he would never just have one. He was all in for the fourth, as I was too.

Right now, as I type this I am 11 weeks and 1 day pregnant (October 28th). The doctor has given me a due date of May 18th. Our first born was born May 12th., so looks like he’ll be getting a brother or sister for his birthday.

Again, coffee has not been my best this pregnancy around. For someone that LOVES coffee, to go to almost hating it is crazy to me. I couldn’t stand coffee when I was pregnant with Anastasija, and now it’s about the same with this baby. If anything, I have a cappuccino.

As far as food cravings, anything salty is good. Sweets are a big no no right now. Every time I have something sweet I feel so sick, and regret having it later. So I am sticking to salty food. I felt the same when I was pregnant with Anastasija and Mateja. But, with Vasilije I could have lived on sweets.

Expecting Baby Number 4 and the First Trimester

On my first doctor’s appointment, October 2nd when we confirmed I was in fact pregnant, they did all the bloodwork too and it all came back good. So thankful for that!

I knew I was pregnant back in September when I took the pregnancy test, and it was so hard to keep it a secret. I really wanted to tell everyone. I know most people want to wait a certain period to ensure everything is okay, but I wanted to share. When you feel so connected to your people, your community you almost feel like you’re not being honest for not sharing. Sounds crazy, right? Haha

We kept Anastasija’a white crib in our bedroom, and we are going to make a little nook all over again for the new baby. The boys and Anastasija share a room right now and they love it. I am aware we are outgrowing our 1022 sq. ft condo, but we can make it work. We are making it work. If I am being honest, I am not eager to get a new place right now. This seems fitting and maybe one day we’ll house hunt.

But, as far as our car goes we definitely need an upgrade. When the baby comes in May we will not be able to fit in our current car. So, we have officially started looking. Not quite sure the hubs and I agree on the car choice here but we will see.

Expecting Baby Number 4 and the First Trimester

I have started thinking about the baby essentials and minimal things we will need. I will be working on a blog post to share all that. Honestly, after having three babies I am almost 100% positive I know what I want, need and don’t need. I am so over having too many things, and really love the idea of minimalism.

Also, as far as maternity clothes I have the all time favorite Blanqi leggings for whenever I am heading somewhere, which you can see here. They have taken me through my pregnancy with Mateja and Anastasija. They are absolutely supporting as the bump grows and make me feel put together. I have also ordered these plain leggings (linked below) that I love to wear around the house, and even sleep in. They are so comfortable, and perfect for casual outfits. I ordered plain t-shirts and tank tops that are a must have while pregnant. Personally, I find these to be the best quality and last me the entire pregnancy, wash after wash. Those are my current “must haves”. Also, I added these plush velvet leggings because I think they’ll be perfect for the Holidays.

Expecting Baby Number 4 and the First Trimester

My current tactics on surviving the First Trimester:

  1. Be OK with saying NO and not feel the pressure to have to “do it all”
  2. Actually take a nap when you feel tired, if you can
  3. Let the house not be perfect and leave the dishes for tomorrow (it is okay)
  4. And, just take it easy

Now to answer all the questions from the stories from Monday:

How far along are you? 11 weeks

How are you feeling? Right now, I feel great. I have so much energy, and just feeling myself at 11 weeks.

Do you have to deal with morning sickness? Not right now. But, week 4-7 I was feeling nauseous and not myself. This was the same case with all of my pregnancies. It went away as I entered week 8.

How did you make a decision to have a 4th? FOUR always sounded really good to me and it just felt right. My husband was all for number four too. It was not a tough decision for us, to be honest.

Will you find out the sex? Yes, absolutely. We found out with all three at 20 weeks and will do the same this time around. I am mot big on waiting until the end. Haha

Do you have names picked out? No. We have zero names. We will start brainstorming soon. There is a girl name I love, but the boy names are not coming to me.

Do you have to cross your legs when you sneeze? I don’t. I did after my firstborn though. I couldn’t sneeze without peeing myself a little. I know a lot of women have the gallbladder leak and it should be a topic we can openly talk about. It’s actually very normal that us women go through.

Are you ready for baby #4? I am. Mentally I am ready. It doesn’t feel much different then when I was waiting for #3. I have zero anxiety about it. If you’re referring to if we have bought anything for baby #4 — we have not.

How did/do you balance going from 2 to 3 to 4? The hardest for me was still going from 1 to 2. The rest was just came naturally to me, at least that’s how I feel. I am the type of person that tends to stay calm and give time time, if that makes sense. I never think or worry about how I will do something, I just go about it and do it. I have learned to slow down and just enjoy the moments.

That Summer 2020 when baby #4 joins us, we will all be together, no school for anyone during Summer. Then come Fall 2020, Vasilije will be in first grade and Mateja will be in pre-school. So then, it will be Anastasija, new baby and me in the mornings.

Is there a possibility of baby number 5? In all honesty, four sounds really good to me. It’s kind of hard to answer that when baby number four hasn’t even arrived. I like to take it slow, and enjoy the moments.

I think I answered all the questions you guys had and hopefully didn’t miss anyone’s. Thank you all for the outpouring love on our baby announcement. We are so excited, and I am so happy to be able to share our journey with you. Thank you so much for your support always.



Expecting Baby Number 4 and the First Trimester

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