Hello Third Trimester!

Life with three kids — Motherhood Charm
Life with three kids —  Motherhood Charm

We have officially entered into third trimester this week (third trimester starts at 28 weeks) and we are that much closer to meeting our sweet little lady! For those that are new around here, we are expecting our fourth baby and she is due in May! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t terrified of having four kids, but I would also be lying if I said I wasn’t excited. I am beyond excited, beyond any fear of not being enough, beyond any anxiety of not being able to handle all four, and beyond anything that would say otherwise.

We have had a lot of changes in the last few weeks, from getting the nursery nook in our bedroom ready, to packing the hospital bag (which I will share separately) to upgrading our car to an SUV with third row seating. There has been just so much going on for us, and that’s just what 4th baby brings into our life — a whole bunch of changes. Good changes.

Hello third trimester — Motherhood Charm
28 weeks pregnant — Motherhood Charm

For the most part, we are ready, I am ready to welcome her. We don’t have a name picked out yet, and probably won’t share until she is actually here. We did the same with all three of our previous babies too. I have the diaper bag ready with all the newborn essentials + the hospital bag ready for myself. Yes, I like to get things ready ahead of time, and always do.

I am super excited to share her little nursery nook with you all as soon as it’s all ready. I have been going back and forth on what I want to do and I finally figured it out. It was one of those insomnia nights that gave me the idea and it just clicked. So stay tuned for that reveal as well. But, I really need to find a fitted crib sheet for the mini crib though — they are so hard to find. If you have any suggestions send them my way, please!!

Life with three kids — Motherhood Charm
Hello Third Trimester —  Motherhood Charm
Hello Third Trimester —  Motherhood Charm

I told myself I would document this pregnancy way more than the previous ones and so far that has been accomplished. I find it frustrating how ashamed we are of our bodies that we don’t want to post bump photos, but you know what I have come to realize that this body, that has housed three healthy babies + housing one currently, is so beautiful. I actually don’t want the body from before, that body was empty, this body right now is here to stay and I am embracing it fully. And, so should you. This is just a friendly reminder mamas, that if you’re pregnant now take those bump photos. Do it for yourself, because you’ll always regret not having them.

Life with three kids — Motherhood Charm

The lag cramps though… aghhh!!! They have been getting tougher and tougher. I keep bothering my husband for massages because it is really all that helps and now that our new car has built in seat massages I have been doing that too. I know this won’t go away until after the birth so it is what it is, I’ll just go on. I am thankful for every kick this baby gives me as she just wants to show her love. I know that I am going to miss it all afterwards so I am soaking in these moments extra now and embracing the beauty of being pregnant.

Hello Third Trimester — Motherhood Charm
Hello Third Trimester —  Motherhood Charm

You would think that fourth time around I would be an expert and have it all together, but the truth is that I don’t. I am still struggling in finding the right infant carrier for the baby. I do have a few in mind… so stay tuned.

One thing I had to have for this baby too was the Dock A Tot. That was a life saver for Anastasija, and I so hope this baby loves it as much. Anastasija would lounge in it all day, and when she would take naps and go to bed at night she would sleep in her Dock A Tot in the crib. It was perfect for changing her diapers too. I would definitely recommend it to every mom to be, but again it’s all in the preference too.

Also, I got all the baby products for the new baby already from Beautycounter. Ever since I tried their products and started working for them as a consultant I knew I wanted all the baby products for this new baby, so I ordered everything. Of course, we can always use extra to stock up if you need gift ideas haha! We can always use more.

Life with three kids —  Motherhood Charm
Life with Three Kids — Motherhood Charm

I have really been in a major nesting mode so I have prepared everything wayyyyy ahead and it feels so good to have it done. It feels even better to open the drawers of the dresser and see those tiny newborn clothes again.

I have no doubt that these three will LOVE on their baby sister when she arrives because that’s all they talk about now. They race to kiss the bump a million times a day and always want to listen to the baby. I am melting over here with all the love they are showing and it makes me even more glad to be adding another baby to this sweet sibling bond.

What’s one more — Motherhood Charm
Hello Third Trimester — Motherhood Charm

I have always been more of an out and about person than a homebody, and that hasn’t changed much with kids. As each one was born I would just continue to do what I did before with a slight adjustment. It definitely got harder with three, and I know that it will be even harder with four but I always said that I won’t (and cannot) stop living our life because things get harder. I will always look for a solution to make whatever work. And, to be honest my oldest is almost six and my second-born just turned four, and it took a lot of work, but they are (for the most part) well behaved especially in public places. I have slowly taught them not to run away from mommy, to stay close, to hold hands, etc., and that has helped me tremendously. When we added Anastasija to the mix, she was in a stroller and they would hold the stroller from each side. I don’t like to go to some popular places on the weekends when it’s beyond busy when there is no need for that. Somehow, I always look for better ways to be out and about with them. So I won’t say it will be easy breezy, but I am confident in myself in figuring it out.

So yeah, that’s a little update for you on how things have been going. We took these photos the other day when it felt like Spring was knocking on the door. Meanwhile, we are expecting a snow storm this week.



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