FIVE must haves during third trimester

Hi, friends! Hope you’re having a good day so far! I have been preparing for baby girl’s arrival slowly as she’ll be here in about two months but wanted to share my absolute must haves during pregnancy, especially third trimester. The reason I am saying third trimester, is because it’s usually the hardest on my body and I like to have things that make the last few weeks easier rather than harder for me.

ONE. Supportive Leggings. I cannot stress enough about how important it is to have supportive leggings throughout the pregnancy but more so in the third trimester. I don’t know about you mamas, but third trimester is the hardest on my body, weight-wise and I need all the belly support I can get. That’s why ever since I discovered Blanqi leggings, I have always had a pair during pregnancy. There isn’t another pair of leggings that give me that support (at least I haven’t found another pair) and at the same time let me move around freely and feel put together. The Blanqi leggings have the designed support your growing bump needs and you can totally tell the difference when you wear them. They reduce the lower back pressure and provide support for your back. You can dress them up, wear them every day or workout in them. They are my go to.

TWO. Cleanser and Body Cream. This may sound silly to you all, but having a good cleanser really helps keep my skin smooth, pore free and glowing. Your face tends to swell up a little (more) in the third trimester than any other, especially as you get closer to your due date, so having that cleanser to clean off the make up and refresh your face makes a huge difference. I am currently using the Countercontrol Clear Pore Cleanser by Beautycounter and love it (not to mention the charcoal mask that I use twice a week too). Also, a having a good body cream to keep the skin moisturized, not only makes me feel great but it protects my skin as it continues to stretch out to welcome the baby. I love using it every day. My go to body cream right now is the Body Butter by Beautycounter.

THREE. Extra Pillow. I never got a pregnancy pillow, mainly because I don’t know where to store it. But, I did get an extra pillow that I like to put on the side to help me sleep better. Thankfully I haven’t had much trouble sleeping, but having that extra pillow for support makes a huge difference.

FOUR. Oversized Tops. I have been able to get away with a lot of non-maternity clothes this time around only because I was shopping smarter. A few oversized tops including longer t-shirts helped me with the growing bump but also made me looked put together when paired up with my Blanqi leggings and a jacket. These oversized tops will also be super handy postpartum aka fourth trimester.

FIVE. Comfy Sneakers. This is a must have regardless for me, but having three kids to chase and being 30 weeks pregnant, a comfy pair of sneakers is a necessity. I got two pairs, that of course I’ll be able to wear afterwards too and love both of them. Sneakers are something that you can easily dress up or wear super casual. They make it easy for me to look put together and I love that.

That’s my quick five must haves right now. Other than that, I am also getting a few things to have postpartum as that always makes me feel much better and basics are always welcomed. Things like postpartum leggings, new tank tops and some cute undies. These little things always make me happier. I did get a few essentials for baby girl at H&M and a few small shops that I am dying over.

In the next few weeks I hope to share the newborn essentials in the diaper bag that I have packed, as well as everything in our hospital bag. Yup, it is all packed and ready. It’s not like I’ll be using any of that right now, so packing it in the bags just makes it more convenient.

Xo, Vesna

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