5 Activities to do with kids right now

Hi friends! Hope you’re doing well! We are all in the same situation, quarantined until who knows when but that doesn’t meant we need to go crazy! We are all in this together. Let’s spread love, kindness and positivity during this tough time and share activities we can do with our kids while staying at home.

We have been working on a few different activities this past week, including learning to tie our shoes, so I thought it would be perfect time to share all of these with you in case you needed some ideas too. Most of these, if not all were purchased on Amazon (don’t judge!) and I’ve linked them for you right below.

I may not be big on creating my very own crafts for the kids, with the exception of a few, but I love having activities that entertain them and are in some way educational. V definitely needs to learn how to tie his shoes and it’s been on my parenting list for a while now to teach him, so let’s hope that during this quiet time at home we can accomplish this.

I did share these in the stories as well, but thought they needed a permanenet spot here.

1. Magnatiles — These have a been a huge HIT with all three of the kids that I just ordere some more. They are constantly building with them and I love seeing their imganation come to life. They add cars, figurines, dinos, etc., and create a whole village.

2. Pete the Cat — We have the I love Kindergarten & I love Preschool version. The boys got these over Christmas actually, but have been loving them since. It comes with a pen, which lights up red when you get the answer wrong and lights up green when you get the answer right.

3. Wooden Puzzle I love this one because it has a booklet with different challenges, so both of the boys can work on this puzzle and it’s really great to see them work together.

4. How To Tie Your Shoes — We just got this, and have been practicing. I really like how this is set up and V likes it. I am hoping that we can accomplish this task while at home, before he heads back to school or at least before Summer – haha!

5. Melissa & Doug Scissor Skills & Tape Activity — We also just got this one and the kids are intrigued to say the least. My four year old really likes this.

Some additional ones have been linked below that we either had before (the Sorry! game) or just purchased (The Kids Dart Board Game).

Also, V’s school has sent us a weekly e-learning program that has been so helpful for both of the boys as they have a preschool section too. This helps keep both of them stay occupied for some time. They also have online story time which I can put for all three to watch, and then an activity following the story for V.

We have been able to get outside for at least 30 minutes every day and that has helped get their “wiggles” out before bedtime + it’s good for them to get outside for some fresh air and Vitamin D, all while social distancing from our neighbors.

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