My Hospital Bag Essentials

Hi! Hope you’re having a good day! As promised I am going to share what’s in my Hospital Bag. You should know that this is my 4th pregnancy and my hospital bag essentials are truly just that — essentials. I have learned to not overpack and just bring exactly what we will need.

Flash back to being pregnant with V, my hospital bag was more like a suitcase filled with everything and anything. I have gotten better over the years, and trust me you don’t need a million things everyone tells you. You just need some basics. After all, you’re going home shortly after. And, if for some reason you need to stay longer at the hospital, you can always ask your partner, best friend, mom, etc., to bring you extras.

My Hospital Bag Essentials — Motherhood Charm

My bag has been packed already and is sitting on the floor in our bedroom. I have had nothing but time these past few weeks so getting ahead of the game makes me feel so much better.

My Hospital Bag Essentials — Motherhood Charm

Anyways, here is my list:

— The Hospital Bag from Fawn Design aka their Weekender bag is amazing, and hands down the best one yet! I love Fawn Design for their quality, attention to detail, style and color. But, more importantly for making chic bags every mom needs. I have this bag in gray.

— Going Home Outfit

Compression leggings + tee + sweatshirt. My go to compression leggings are mother tuckers from Belly Bandit. I wore these last time for a whole month daily and they have helped me feel put together so much. They keep you in place, everything feels tight and you just feel so much better about yourself.

— Phone charger + camera

(Ps. If you have a longer phone charger bring that one because somehow the outlet always seems far away)

— Toothbrush + toothpaste

— Make up + lip balm + dry shampoo

I always bring minimal makeup & this time I will do the same (my Beautycounter tint skin, mascara, blush & face moisturizer). I have the travel size version of this dry shampoo packed in the bag.

— Robe + socks + slippers

I love the idea of having your own robe, you just feel much better rather than the hospital gown, but this is total preference. I bring socks to wear at the hospital and then toss them when we are ready to leave, same with slippers. If you have worn out slippers at home, bring those and treat yourself with a new pair for when you get home. I just got a new pair for when I get home. And, that’s really it for myself. I don’t need much more than then.

My Hospital Bag Essentials — Motherhood Charm

Then I have a few more things that I am bringing for the baby:

— Going Home Outfit I am still deciding on the going home outfit for the baby, but I have a few in mind.

— Onesies (1-2) while at the Hospital I have a onesie + little pants packed and a one piece onesie as well.

— Swaddle + Bow I packed a beautiful swaddle and a bow for her. I may add one more bow.

— ‘Hello, My Name is’ sign I always loved seeing these so I got one for baby girl this time.

— Pacifier We have this pacifier and I am going to buy this one too (same one Anastasija has had from birth).

*Carseat ready in the car

And, that pretty much sums it up. You can print/save or just PIN the above checklists for yourself. I don’t bring extra diapers or wipes. However, if your hospital doesn’t provide them then definitely bring extra. I always have a pack ready at home though.

I was able to fit all this in my Fawn Design weekender bag aka hospital bag for time being and I love having it all ready and awaiting baby’s arrival.

My Hospital Bag Essentials — Motherhood Charm

My Hospital Bag Essentials — Motherhood Charm
My Hospital Bag Essentials — Motherhood Charm

I would encourage you to pack your Hospital Bag ahead of time so that’s all ready for you. Some things, like phone charger you can add later if you don’t have an extra one but everything else is really not something you’ll use now.

I also have the diaper bag ready with the newborn essentials, and things we will need. The bag is sitting there anyways so why not get it ready for when you need it. It’s the extra things you’re not using right now anyways. You can read ‘What’s in my Diaper Bag’ in this post.



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    1. Thank you! Fawn Design bags are perfect for every mom to be!

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