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Baby Registry with buybuyBABY — Motherhood Charm

I cannot believe our baby girl will be here in a few weeks, or more like in a few days! My due date is May 18th, and with everything that’s going on in the world, I know that many of you had to postpone important events, dates, and maybe even baby shower, like us. Things are very different now. We may not be able to have our baby shower, but you know what? That’s okay! We can still set up a baby registry for our friends and family, because having a baby cannot be postponed and those baby essentials will be much appreciated for the new mom & baby.

I decided to register with buybuyBABY because they literarily have everything you’ll need for a baby and more! I know that normally you’d want to go to the store to complete your baby registry, but due to COVID an online registry was perfect. Thankfully buybuy BABY has so many online resources and registry tools that make it super easy to create your perfect baby registry.

This is my fourth pregnancy, and you can say that I have a pretty good idea what every new mom will need for their baby. The list I am going to include is a very in depth list, but of course you tailor it to your needs. Being a first time mom you’ll need a lot more, only because you may not have anything saved from previous babies, like I do.

Today I am excited to share our baby registry with you all.

Baby Registry with buybuyBABY — Motherhood Charm


SWADDLES | my absolute favorite are these. They are super soft, and large enough to use to cover the baby while sleeping in a stroller, or as a tummy time.
BABY MITTENS | You’ll want to have a few of these as they are perfect for newborns to prevent them from scratching themselves.
DIAPERS | I would suggest to register for a few different sizes. I love these, and these and also these.
WIPES | We love these wipes. I have used these also, and they are great.
ZIPPERED SLEEPERS | These are essential for night time sleeping and I love these. Trust me that at 2AM you do not want to be closing all those snaps on the baby’s jammies.
PACIFIER | We love the WubbaNub ones.
SOCKS | You’ll need these, and I suggest ordering newborn and one size up too.

Baby Registry with buybuyBABY — Motherhood Charm
Baby Registry with buybuyBABY — Motherhood Charm


DOCK-A-TOT | It’s a must have, in my opinion. Dock-A-Tot is great for lounging whether on your bed, on the floor, or on the couch for the baby. It’s great for naps too.
BABY BJORN BOUNCER | I have heard amazing things about this bouncer, especially because you can adjust it to different positions. I did not have this before, but it is on my list right now for our fourth baby and I am super excited about it.
BABY BJORN BABY CARRIER | this is another thing I have seen a lot of moms swear by and I love the fact that you have a mini and regular size baby carrier depending on your height. Being short, this is an amazing option to have.
UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller | I have had my eye on this stroller for a while now, and I am excited for it. I love that it comes with a bassinett. Bassinets are great for changing the baby or if they fall asleep.
UPPAbaby MESA Infant Carseat | We picked this carseat to go with the stroller set. It’s lightweight and super easy to install in the car.

UPPAbaby Piggyback | If you have another toddler, this piggyback is perfect for them to ride along on the UPPA baby VISTA. I am excited to try this for our two year old. You can also get this second seat attachment to the stroller, but we opted for the piggyback instead as our two year old prefers not to be in a stroller.

ACTIVITY GYM | We picked this one. It will be great to entertain the baby and also for tummy time. Personally, I don’t like those super bright colors, rather calming like this set. There are tons of options to choose from, and you can always add an extra one to your registry if you have a big home and want it in more than one place.

Baby Registry with buybuyBABY — Motherhood Charm
Baby Registry with buybuyBABY — Motherhood Charm


CRIB | Personally I prefer a mini crib as it takes less space, and with our current two year old she slept in her crib until she was 15 months and then transitioned to a big girl bed. But, I know most people want a regular size one and I love this one .

CRIB SHEETS | I love super soft crib sheets, and I recommend these. I would also recommend to register for a couple as babies can spit up and have blowouts, meaning you go through a few in a day (sometimes). I got five crib sheets.

HALO BASSINET | If you have a home, a bassinet is a great addition to have somewhere else in the house. A lot of people will have the bassinet first in their bedroom before the baby transitions to their crib. I have heard that this one is great from a lot of other moms.

HUMIDIFIER | This is definitely a must have for newborns and as they get older, to keep their air fresh. I really like this one, but I know there are tons of options.

BABY MONITOR | We are not getting one, personally. But, a lot of people love this one and this one, so I am leaving them here for you. The reason we are not getting one, is because we live in a condo and don’t have a need for one.

Baby Registry with buybuyBABY — Motherhood Charm


SKIP*HOP BATH TUB | I had this one with Anastasija, and it worked so well for us that I am getting it for this baby too.

SKIP*HOP BATH ESSENTIALS | I am adding the moby rinser and the bath kneeler.

BATH HOODED TOWEL | I love these, they are super soft. I got a few.

SHAMPOO + LOTION SET | I love this one and we have used it before too. You can always add more than one as you’ll need them.

Baby Registry with buybuyBABY — Motherhood Charm


BABY BOTTLES | These are my absolute favorite, and I prefer glass bottles. I added the 4oz bottle and the 9oz bottle so that I have more options.

BOTTLE BRUSH CLEANER | This one is a great one to clean almost all the bottles.

BOPPY PILLOW | I know most people want one, so I am adding it here but personally, I have not found it useful.

HIGH CHAIR | Personally I prefer simple yet functional chairs, not bulky ones, which is why I picked this one and this one.

Baby Registry with buybuyBABY — Motherhood Charm


FRIDABABY | I have had this Fridaybaby kit before for my other babies and love it. It’s the only way I can clean their little noses.

DIAPER RASH CREAM| Burt’s Bees diaper ointment is one of the best that I have tried before, and it’s a safe non-toxic product for your baby.

SUMMER INFANT NURSERY KIT | This one has everything you’ll need from nail clippers to comb, etc. Some things you may not even use, but it’s nice to have everything in one place.

BABYGANICS DISH & BOTTLE SOAP | Babyganics products are one of my favorites and their dish and bottle soap is non-toxic.

BABY LAUNDRY DETERGENT | This one is my favorite and I love that it’s non-toxic as well.

I know that not having your actual baby shower may be disappointing, or the fact that visitors will not be allowed at the hospital to meet your baby (and same for me), but I am very thankful for all the people in our lives that have showered us with love. Thankful for everyone that has reached out, asked how we were doing and what we need.

If you’re a mom-to-be and feeling overwhelmed right now just thinking about the process of setting up a baby registry, that’s totally understandable. Babies need so much, and sometimes we can forget what it feels like having a newborn, even if it’s not your first which is why I wanted to give you a little peace of mind and share my process of setting up a baby registry with buybuyBABY, and how fun it can actually be. Setting up your registry with buybuyBABY is super easy!

And, if you’re hesitant in setting up one, don’t be. Your friends and family are eager to shower you and your new bundle of joy with love and gifts and this is the best way to tell them what exactly you need. They may not be able to see the baby right now and that’s okay, staying safe is always a priority but they certainly may want to show you how much they care by sending you some of your must have items from the registry.

buybuy BABY registry set up

Setting up the Registry with buybuyBABY is super easy and when you’re done you can send the link to your family and friends, or they can easily search for you by typing your name. You can set up yours in a few easy steps:

  1. In the top right corner there is a ‘gift box’ that you click on to begin. The next page prompts you to ‘Create Registry‘.
  2. The next page prompts you to ‘Create Registry‘. Enter all your information, and click create.
  3. Next you’ll get a chance to pick your items, and you can even mark your ‘Favorites‘ so that everyone knows that you really want something.
  4. And, if you don’t know what all you want/need, don’t worry because you can easily select from ‘REGISTRY FAVORITES‘ that others have created before.
  5. And, even better you can contact a CONSULTANT directly on the website and they can help you navigate everything, which is very similar to when you’re at the store.

It’s very simple to create one and actually super fun picking things for the baby. I really enjoyed looking at all the baby items, and creating our very own baby registry. You can view our baby registry here.

buybuy BABY registry benefits

There are amazing perks of registering with buybuyBABY and these are just some:

  • Online Registry Tools
  • Interactive checklist
  • Thank you list
  • Quick picks
  • Parent Favorites

One of the reasons we decided to register with buybuyBABY, besides the fact that they have EVERYTHING for the baby is because of all the benfits. You can view your registry from their website directly or from the app on your phone. It’s simple to navigate through everything.

Xo, Vesna

Baby Registry with buybuyBABY

    1. Yes! They are the best for newborns and those 2AM changes. Thanks for reading, I had fun putting it together.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. That pillow is from Target from Spring collection.

    2. No problem!! I found you on Pinterest and after reading this post as a new mom-to-be I will definitely be following 🙂 thank you for responding 💕

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