My must have Postpartum items

Being the proactive person that I usually am, I have already prepared things for the fourth trimester aka postpartum. One of the things I like to do ahead of time is have everything ready now so that I don’t have to worry about that later. I mean, of course you can PRIME a lot of things but personally, I feel better when things are prepped ahead and ready for when we come home from the hospital. Here I wanted to share some of my must haves for postpartum that are not only cute, but make me feel better being in the fourth trimester and those essentials that are not so cute, but you need them, like nursing pads.

Every pregnancy, (except for the first one) I would buy a few new things that I kept for fourth trimester because naturally we get excited about little things like that. A new outfit to look forward to after the baby, something to help get through that transitional journey. I picked up a few comfy tees, cute no-show undies (because hello postpartum diapers), new bra (which I usually save for a few months down the road), and of course my must have leggings. These leggings have been a lifesaver for me and I have gotten them after each pregnancy, except the first time (wish I knew about them back then). These leggings make me feel SO much better, they keep everything together, and help while my body is healing. They are compression leggings, so expect them to be super tight. PS. I usually wear these compression leggings on the daily for about a month postpartum to help my body heal better.

These are the tees that I got. I already have a few that I wore during pregnancy and they are just the comfiest, softest tees ever.

These are the undies I got. I need the no-show undies.

These are the bras that I currently have and love. I got two more for later.

These are the compression leggings that I would recommend to everyone postpartum. They are definitely tight, so if you cannot handle that then it may not be for you. But, it has alwasy helped me after pregnancy. I have had them after my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy.

Then, because it will be Summer this time around, I got a few jumpsuits to wear that will make me feel put together without trying too hard. Ps. jumpsuits have always been a favorite of mine because they are an instant outfit maker, add some cute sandals and you’re done! Then, I got these biker shorts to go with the above mentioned tees and some new sneakers that I’ve shared before, but here they are again.

These are the biker shorts I got (the first ones). I have never tried these before, so I am hoping they will live up to the hype. I just wanted something that would be comfortable to wear around the house and on our walks.

The jumpsuits I loved – I got the first two, contemplating the third one. They are an instant outfit maker, in my opinion.

I got these sandals for myself, and these sneakers. Just something new for Summer, yet comfortable.

Then, speaking of essentials I got nursing pads, nipple cream and cooling pads, which in my opinion are a must have postpartum. I also stocked up on dry shampoo, because that’s just how we survive on regular basis. And, my essential makeup that I can wear on the daily like the Beautycounter Dew Skin. With nice weather coming, I want to wear lightweight makeup that makes me feel put together in no time. I’ll be sure to share more on Instagram stories as I navigate through motherhood + postpartum, so be sure to follow me there @mrs.vesnatanasic

A little side note: I know that postpartum looks very different for everyone, and I know that we all navigate through this journey differently, which is why I feel like we need to share more of each other’s stories, bring more awareness and encouragement for each other. It can be hard, and not everyone understands what postpartum feels like. Sometimes we don’t even know what we are feeling. It’s important to seek help. I am an open book when it comes to pregnancy + motherhood + postpartum so don’t hesitate to message me.



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