UPPAbaby VISTA stroller and MESA carseat

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We love our UPPAbaby VISTA stroller - Motherhood Charm

Hi friends, I am so glad you are here! As most of you know, we just had our fourth baby (yes, fourth) and she turned one month yesterday! We have been enjoying all the newborn snuggles as a family of six as time just flies by! Hence, the reason I haven’t written in a while but I am so excited to share our stroller + infant carseat choice on with you today. A while back I had asked on stories for stroller + carseat recommendations and so many of you recommended UPPAbaby! So, guess what? We went with UPPAbaby VISTA stroller + MESA infant carseat for our fourth baby, Aleksandra.

We love our UPPAbaby VISTA stroller - Motherhood Charm

Hi, world! Meet Aleksandra and her new favorite and most comfiest seat while on the road or just chilling on a coffee date with mama!

UPPAbaby VISTA stroller grows with your family - Motherhood Charm

If you start with UPPAbaby VISTA for your first baby, it can adapt with your growing family for years and I think that’s so important. I didn’t think of this when we had our firstborn, but it would have been a very smart decision. I love that the VISTA has multiple configurations allowing you to adjust to your current lifestyle in seconds.

There are a TON of configuration options, but UPPAbaby has created an interactive tool allowing you to explore all of the VISTA’s expansion options.

Single to double stroller

VISTA makes it so easy to go from single to double stroller. And, although we are not using this feature as Anastasija has been out of a stroller (per her request) for a while now it is nice to have this option. But, if you have a need for a double stroller, look no further because you will love this one. You can go from single to double stroller in seconds, whether you add the two seats, one seat and infant carseat, or whatever option you want the VISTA makes it so easy to do. The Bassinet and the MESA car seat fit on the same adapters making it incredibly easy to switch. I love that you can have one stroller to use whether you need single or double stroller, rather than having to buy one stroller when you have one baby and then buying a double stroller when you have a second baby. This stroller grows with your growing family, and that is such a good investment.

UPPAbaby VISTA Bassinet is the best - Motherhood Charm We love our UPPAbaby VISTA stroller - Motherhood CharmCity strolls with UPPAbaby VISTA stroller - Motherhood Charm


We are currently using the Bassinet option for Aleksandra as she can comfortably sleep in there. It also makes changing diapers and/or clothes such a breeze. I no longer have to worry about where there is a changing table or where I can lay her down to change her, with the Bassinet option I can do it anywhere. The best thing is you can wash the Bassinet cover simply by unzipping it. The outside of the Bassinet is made of such material that you can easily wipe off if it gets dirty. Bassinet was definitely a must have option for me. Did I mention that the bassinet has an extension cover that expands to protect the baby from sun? It extends beyond the cover you see in the photos (check my Instagram stories + Highlights ‘VISTA’ to see how it works) and the baby is shielded from direct sunlight. Ps. It has SPF 50 protection too.

UPPAbaby VISTA stroller Bassinet is a must have - Motherhood Charm We love our UPPAbaby VISTA stroller - Motherhood Charm

PiggyBack ride-along board

VISTA allows you to add the PiggyBack ride-along board to the stroller which Anastasija loves. She can easily get on and off the board whenever she wants and I think that’s why she loves the board. I love having this option as we go on longer walks as I know she can ride-along on the PiggyBack if she gets tired. Also, the board folds up if you’re not using it that way it is not in your way as you continue to walk.

You can easily attach and detach the board depending on your day. I detach the board as it is easier to store in the car, and then add it on if we need it. It’s a really great option to have if you can.

You can easily attach and detach the PiggyBack depending on whether you want it that day.

BONUS: VISTA allows you do have THREE in tow if you use the PiggyBack ride-along board along with the RumbleSeat.

We love the UPPAbaby VISTA piggyback ride along - Motherhood Charm

Large storage basket

A large storage basket is a must have when you have four kids, if you ask me! They tend to bring a lot of things when we are out and about, and having this large basket makes it easy for me to keep everything in one place. The basket has a weight limit of 30lbs which is amazing as we can fit in a lot including the diaper bag. It’s really helpful to have it all tucked away in the basket and not have to carry it myself. I didn’t have this with our other strollers and we always had to look for creative ways to carry everything, which usually involved me carrying the diaper bag.

Compact folding

We live in a condo and storage space is limited, so we keep the stroller in the car. Recently we upgraded our car as we needed third row seating, which also reduced our trunk space. Thankfully the VISTA stroller frame is made lightweight & durable, featuring a one step fold allowing me to fold it easily, pick it up and put in the trunk of our SUV. If you know me, you know I am a pretty tiny person and having to put a stroller in an SUV trunk needs to be easy.

When you fold the VISTA frame it also stands which makes it easier to store away. The Bassinet detaches, and you can store it away standing as well (leaning against the wall and/or in the trunk as we have it).

We love our UPPAbaby VISTA stroller - Motherhood Charm

MESA infant carseat

We have truly loved using our MESA infant car seat for Aleksandra. We picked the JAKE (black) for our car seat. As I mentioned, I am a tiny person and having a lightweight carseat is a must for me (personally) but also knowing my baby will be riding in one of the safest carseats on the market gives me a piece of mind.

The MESA car seat also fits EASILY on the stroller frame (no attachments needed) which is super convenient.

Installation was SO easy according to my husband. This was his fourth time installing a car seat into our car and he said this was by far the easiest car seat to install.

MESA also allows you to have your baby riding safely up to 35lbs., which is so nice to have.

We love our UPPAbaby VISTA stroller - Motherhood Charm

The VISTA is honestly such a pretty stroller and I went with the BRYCE because it is so vibrant. I was tired of the dark colors, especially during Summer time when it gets a little too hot. BRYCE is practically all white stroller with some silvery “sheen”, which makes it even nicer. But, not to worry as everything is removable for spot cleaning. I am not worried about it getting dirty as you can easily clean it. I absolutely love the aesthetic of the stroller, there, I said it!

We love our UPPAbaby VISTA stroller - Motherhood Charm

I just love our BRYCE VISTA so much! And, did I mention that I can easily push the stroller one handed while holding Anastasija’s hand while we walk. Needless to say it is by far the best stroller we have had and if I had to do this all over again, you can be sure that I’d pick the UPPAbaby VISTA stroller all over again.

I am so happy to be working with UPPAbaby on the VISTA + MESA, but I can honestly tell you that this would have been (& has been) our top choice.

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