Most used baby gear in the first month

This has been a popular question in my DM’s on Instagram as well as stories so I figured I’d share everything here on the blog to make it easier for everyone to access. Being that this is our fourth baby, and we still live in a condo (meaning our space is limited) I knew exactly the things I wanted to have to make our lives easier yet keep it to a minimal. I don’t like have too many things as I feel like we wouldn’t use it all.

Most used baby gear in the first month - Motherhood Charm


DockATot has been a must have for me ever since I discovered it while pregnant with Anastasija. I know there is Snuggle Me Organic too, which I have not tried, but you don’t need both — just pick one to have. I personally preferred the DockATot as the baby can use it longer. Baby Aleksandra has been sleeping in her DockATot since day one, and we use it as a lounger too for when she is awake. It travels with us from the bedroom to living room whenever needed, and it’s easy for me to take it along with us when we are going to my parents.

Most used baby gear in the first month - Motherhood  Charm

UPPAbaby VISTA stroller with Bassinet

We also love our UPPAbaby VISTA stroller and MESA carseat (you can read the full review HERE). We just got the VISTA stroller for Aleksandra and picked the Bassinet to use for the first months as it makes it easy for her to sleep comfortably while we are out and about. Also, changing diapers in the Bassinet is very convenient, regardless where we are I can change her. I should mention that the stroller folds to be compact and fits into small storage spaces as well.

Most used baby gear in the first month —  Motherhood Charm

Rattan Bassinet

In our living room we have this Bassinet for baby Aleksandra to lounge and/or sleep of we are all hanging out in the living room. I really love the design of this Bassinet, and how it fits nicely with our home. It’s sturdy enough for the older kids not to knock it over, and comfortable enough for the baby to sleep in. It comes with a small cushion, but you can also purchase a separate one for your self.

Most used baby gear in the first month —  Motherhood Charm

Baby Björn Bouncer

We also have this Baby Björn bouncer and I love it. This baby bouncer was part of my Baby Registry wish list and you can read all about HERE. It’s perfect when we are all on the floor playing together the baby can be with us and we can entertain her. You can adjust it in the back too. Also, the kids love having the baby so close when we are playing on the floor. And, whenever baby Aleksandra is not using her bouncer Anastasija loves to use it for her dolls. I should mention that you have to manually push the bouncer to work, there is no button, which is the reason I got this one. It was between this one.

Most used baby gear in the first month — Motherhood Charm

Mini Crib

In our bedroom we have a mini crib where baby Aleksandra sleeps. Anastasija also slept in this very same mini crib in our bedroom until she got her big girl bed and moved in with her brothers. The goal is to do the same with baby Aleksandra. I found that the mini crib saves so much space and works perfectly when you’re working with small spaces like us.

As I said, we live in a small condo and our space is even more limited with four kids now. I wanted to keep things to a minimal and this has worked so well for us. I know everyone has different needs and preferences and by no means am I saying that this is all you should have, or need but thought I’d share what we are currently using the most in case anyone was in a similar situation.

As she grows I plan on getting a few more things for her. I have been thinking to get a play mat for tummy time and just for laying down. Also, there are super cute activity gyms that I plan on getting for her to explore, like this one.

Hope that was helpful for you.



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