Create your own Linktree on your Blog

Create your own Linktree and drive traffic to your own Blog!

Because that’s the ultimate goal, right?

You want traffic to your website. Why give it to a third party?

I just created mine and thought I would share for anyone that wants to create one too.

I see so many people using LinkTree as their landing page on Instagram, like when you click the ‘Link in Bio’ on the Instagram page it takes you to a ‘Landing Page’ which are essentially Quick Links created using a third party website, called LinkTree. Now, you can have the same just use your own Blog so you get all the traffic. Genius, right?

Maybe you already know how to do this, and that’s great! But, for anyone that doesn’t here are quick steps to do it (and, this is super super basic without any coding!).

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

  • A simple URL (name it “links” or “Instagram”)
  • Mobile-friendly links and text (this is a big one for me because I am always on my phone and want to be able to view it)
  • Thumbnail image of you + short text

Create your own LinkTree with these basic steps

I am showing you how I quickly created a LinkTree page on my WordPress site. I am pretty certain you can do this regardless of what platform you are using.

  • Step One: Add a New Page
  • Step Two: Add Title and Page

This is where I added ‘Hi Instagram’ and a thumbnail photo of me, just so whenever someone clicks the link they’ll know it’s me.

  • Step Three: Add a Slug Name

This will be what everyone sees after your actual website name, like this — so I would recommend keeping it short and something you can easily recognize.

  • Step Four: Add Buttons and Type out the Links that you want others to see
  • Step Five: Publish!
  • Step Six: Copy and Paste to Instagram Bio

I think this was simple to create yet it will give you extra traffic to your page! I have seen so many bloggers share this too and there are other, a bit more complicated ways (like adding coding to the page) that you can do too but I wanted to share a super simple way to do it. Hope you find it helpful!

For example, if you’re looking to remove the Header on just one page, this forum explains how to do that as well. If you want to Customize your CSS, this blog post gives you a step by step how to do it.

If you have tips or questions leave them in the comments for us.

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