9 Things we do to Stay Healthy on the Daily

I am just a mom of four on a mission to keep my family healthy using natural products and remedies. I am not a doctor, nor an expert and everything I share is purely out of personal research and desire to live a more natural healthy lifestyle.

We all know that living a healthy lifestyle is not always easy but changing those bad habits is. We have made some changes over the years, and have slowly filled our home with healthy food and non-toxic products. Here is how I plan on keeping my family healthy during the cold and flu season.

9 Things we do to Stay Healthy on the Daily - Motherhood Charm

1. Healthy Food

Stock up your fridge and food pantry with healthy foods and snacks. Read those ingredients, mama and don’t just trust the front label of the product. We have thrown out products that contain preservatives, high fructose syrup, corn starch, etc. when we need a snack, we want to be able to have a healthy snack that promotes healthy bodies.

Everything you put on and into your body contributes to or prevents disease. Take a closer look at the foods you are eating. Many of them likely contain large amounts of synthetic chemicals or GMOs. The more toxins and chemicals we put into our bodies, the more our immune system has to fight them on a daily basis.

2. Essential Oils

I think there are two kinds of people — those that LOVE essential oils (me now) and those that don’t want to try them (me before). As of recent, essential oils have become a routine in our household, and we use them daily. We diffuse a seasonal support blend and immune support blend almost every day. Our favorite blend to diffuse is Thieves, Frankincense, and Lemon. There are several essential oils that are specifically good for seasonal cold and flu support.

I have only recently started using essential oils, but the amount of benefits these oils have had blown me away. I am looking forward to keeping our family healthy using these oils!

You can read more about essential oils and how we incorporate them into our daily lives here.

9 Things we do to Stay Healthy on the Daily - Motherhood Charm

3. Wellness Roller

We made the roller ourselves using our Young Living essential oils. Keep a wellness roller on hand always and apply to wrists, neck, bottom of feet, and down spine every night before bed to keep their immune system strong and help fight the cold. You can find our roller recipe here.

We use our essential oil immunity roller on a daily basis and at the onset of any cold or flu symptoms to get rid of them fast!

9 Things we do to Stay Healthy on the Daily - Motherhood Charm

4. Tea with Raw Honey & Thieves Essential Oil

We love hot tea as a family, so we will do tea with raw honey and one (or two) drops of Thieves essential oil in the tea. This helps support our immune system during the cold and flu season. And, although I am very new to essential oils I have done a lot of research in the last several months and have found that Thieves oil has so many health benefits.

5. Take Elderberry

I make sure the kids take Edelberry supplement for immune support every day. We take this specific one and it has 6400mg elderberry per serving, perfect for the whole family and of course, safe for the kids. Bonus: it tastes so good! If your child will not take it, like my oldest, add it to the smoothie or oatmeal bowl. We get all of our supplements from Organic Olivia, and you can find them here.

9 Things we do to Stay Healthy on the Daily - Motherhood Charm

6. Nutritious Smoothies

Make smoothies as a family. It’s a good way to put in all the veggies, supplements, etc., that they may not want to have alone and ensure they get these goodies in. We make a simple strawberry, banana, spinach, kale, green apple, celery with chia/flex/hemp seeds. I add the Elderberry supplement into the kids smoothie too. I have a green smoothie recipe that I make for myself every morning for breakfast — You can find it here.

7. Family Walks

Getting outside is very important. Doing it as a family makes it easier and more fun. Get outside together for a walk, enjoy the fresh air and maybe some Vitamin D. With Winter months approaching, and for us here in the midwest it means we have at least six months of Winter, it’s not always easy to be outside so much as it gets brutally cold, wintery, windy, etc. But we take every chance we can to step outside.

9 Things we do to Stay Healthy on the Daily - Motherhood Charm

8. Spoonful of Honey Daily

Ever since I was little having a spoonful of honey every morning was a must in our household. It’s something my dad instilled with us, and it stuck with me. We don’t take it daily, and the kids don’t love honey alone so much which is why I like to add it to their tea and oatmeal. But, I still offer to them when I take it. Honey is full of health benefits including a high polyphenol that has antioxidants to fight cold/flu. It helps with sore throat. We love this snack — slice up apples and put honey on them. I eat this when I have a sore throat.

9 Things we do to Stay Healthy on the Daily - Motherhood Charm

9. Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated helps your body stay healthy. I have been adding one drop of Lemon Essential Oil to my water every day. The kids don’t like it that way though, but as long as they drink plenty of water it is good.

What are some ways you and your family stay healthy?

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