Kids Christmas Outfits on a Budget

This is not a sponsored post. This is personal preference and finds.

There is something special about this time of the year. We are that much close to the Most Wonderful Time of the Year and every year I get excited to do a photoshoot with the kids for our Christmas card. Ever since our first born I have been sending cards out to friends and family, and each year I am that much more excited to do it. This time we did our photoshoot super early (in October), which if I wish, we lived in Canada and had all the snow because to me Christmas means snow. Anyways, we did our photoshoot early, ordered the cards and they are already here!

In this post I am sharing how we got dressed on a budget. I love dressing up the kids and I love outfits they can wear on repeat this Holiday season, so I went with something practical yet very festive. I know a lot of you are thinking about what to wear to a photoshoot, and my advice is always to plan ahead, whether it’s the whole family or just the kids because it’s less stressful, chances are the outfits you have in mind won’t be sold out and you’ll be prepared.

I am linking the exact outfits the girls wore plus some additional ones I found that are also perfect for the Holidays.

I am obsessed with these shoes for the boys. They are such great quality and they look really good with all of their outfits dressed up. They are not warm, or intended for play in the snow. These are your church-going, dress-up, photoshoot type of shoes. They are also perfect for Fall.

Tips for a Successful Christmas Card photo with Kids

I always, always get asked how I take photos of the kids and they turn out so well. I am no expert, but here is what I did for this photoshoot:

  • Put out a large blanket on the ground
  • Position the older kids first, then younger
  • Start a conversation with them, engage them so they don’t think about the actual photoshoot
  • Here we talked about Santa and the letter we need to send him
  • Let them giggle, and mess around for a bit and keep snapping those candids
  • Keep positioning them how you’d like the photo while still engaging in their conversation, tell something funny
  • With the exception, I had to make some “annoying” mommy voices and sing ‘You are my Sunshine’ to the baby so she would look and smile. It worked!
  • And boom! You’ll have your photos.

So, remember to keep engaging with the kids while staying focused on taking the photos. You’re a supermom, you can do it!

Stay tuned for the actual Christmas Card design over on our Instagram @mrs.vesnatanasic

    1. Thank you so much. We try to make it fun and have a good time. I take these so they are more comfortable. Good luck 🙂

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