5 ways to get out the door faster with kids

With four kids now I would never be able to make it anywhere if I didn’t plan ahead. I don’t want to spend a lot of time getting ready when we need to go somewhere which is why I like to have things prepared ahead of the time, like the diaper bag and the kids outfits. If we spontaneously decide to go to the park, I want to be able to get out of the house in less than 15 minutes. Over the years and with each child, I have almost perfected our routine to get out the door faster. So, here are five ways we (and you can) get out of the house faster

1. Prepare outfits ahead of time

I always try to have fuss free outfits ready for everyone ahead of time, including myself. I always have a few “go-to’s” for myself and the kids as well, such as outfits that are quick to put on and involve zero fussing. Once you have this figured out, you’ve just made your time to get out the door so much faster. And, now that colder months are coming I usually leave the kids jackets in the car (we park in the garage always) so we don’t have to carry them up and down constantly. I have bought the boys similar colors/styles so that it is easier for them to get dressed and I don’t have to spend a lot of time. As for the girls, it’s always different but we plan ahead of time so it makes it easy.

Ps. One of the things that make it easier for me having four kids now is buying clothes are somewhat in tone, similar and easy to pair up with for the boys. I try to color coordinate for everyone. It comes naturally to me now, as I have done it for a while so it’s not an extra effort to be honest. I am a bit OCD about that.

2. Pack your diaper bag ahead

I am sure all moms know this, but packing your diaper bag ahead of time saves you so much time when you’re trying to get out the door. With four kids I have to pack essentials ahead of time otherwise we would never get out the door. I have the diaper bag always on our entryway ready to go. I always check to make sure I have enough diapers, swap out the extra outfit, add in a new swaddle blanket and whatever else goes in there. We pack snacks/water., etc. in a different small bag, almost like a market bag.

3. Wake up early enough to not rush

I know we are not all morning people but when you have somewhere to go you should definitely consider waking up earlier so you don’t have to rush to get ready. There is nothing I hate more when we need to go somewhere, is rushing. I hate rushing. I prefer to wake up earlier, get things ready and then relax if we have extra time.

Also, usually when you are rushing around to get everything ready you get stressed and anxiety kicks in. And, you tend to forget things. So, just to be on the safe side wake up a bit earlier 🙂

4. Get yourself ready first

Since having kids I have prioritized getting myself ready first, because it takes the most time out of the “getting ready time” that we have before heading out the door. I am usually adding dry shampoo to my hair, recurling the front sections of my hair, brushing my teeth, adding my five minute minimal make up and then putting on my outfit. Kids are easier to get ready if you have already done the above mentioned 1, 2, and 3. Also, three of my kids are getting dressed on their own right now so by getting myself ready first it gives them time to get their outfits on.

5. Stick to your routine

Having a routine with kids seems like a must for everything you do. If you get the above done, and stick to that every single time you are going somewhere you will be out the door with your kids in no time. It takes some time to get into the rhythm of doing things with kids but it is possible, trust me I am doing it now with four kids. I never wanted to have that feeling of “not wanting to go somewhere because it takes forever to get ready with four kids”, which is why I created a routine for us and stick with it every single time. This has helped me get out the door faster when I had two kids, three and now four.

How long does it take you to get yourself and your crew ready to leave the house?

  1. Loving this post, the tips are very practical yet important!! It usually takes me half a day to get out with my kids😂 I am gonna follow your recommendations. Thanks

    1. Thank you so much! This is how we function 9/10 times and it has helped simplify our outings. Good luck 🙂

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