Living Room Makeover

2020 was quite a year. One that we’ll talk about for years to come. 2020 made me appreciate what we have even more, our time together and how truly quickly our babies grow and what an honor it is to be with them 24/7 to see them grow. 2020 also made me realize that we desperately needed a space that was inviting, a space we felt comfortable in and most importantly a space where we truly wanted to live in — which is what prompted this major makeover! No. Not that kind of a makeover. But, a makeover that created a cozy space through perfectly picked furniture and accent pieces. And while most were wondering why I was investing time in a place that we listed for sale, to me it was important to have a space we all loved. It’s about living in the moments, enjoying your home and being with those you love.

Your home should be more you.

We are still looking for our perfect home and we are still waiting to sell our condo, but until then we want to enjoy our space. So here is snapshot of everything we did and if you’re interested in seeing what this space looked liked before, you can see it here. Major makeover, right?

I worked with several brands for this makeover and I will mention all of them individually. While, I was gifted some of the items all opinions are my very own and pieces were personally selected by me.

I worked with Castlery for the Seb TV Stand and Seb Sideboard. At Castelery they make pieces in-house, and offer great quality pieces at a reasonable cost. You can buy directly from their website. They offer flat rate and free shipping for shipments with a subtotal of $999 and above, and you have a 14 day return policy. Both of the pieces that I selected arrived in large boxes fully assembled and ready to be used. I LOVE the wood material and how beautifully well they are made. I am obsessed with how they look in our home.

I worked with Casaza on the Chance Upholstered Sofa and Chair. I wanted something neutral and these fit in perfectly. The cushions are machine washable, just take the covers off. That was a must for us with four (soon five little ones) running around.

Living Room Makeover — Motherhood Charm
It took me a while to find that home vibe I have been craving, but after putting these pieces together I realized that this was I.

Accent Chair | Ottoman | Sofa | Pillows | Coffee Table | Floor Lamp |Seb Sideboard | Pampas Grass | White Wool Rug | Book | Opposite Wall Prints |

Living Room Makeover — Motherhood Charm
Adding neutrals as the base is the best way to go. I spontaneously added black accents and simply fell in love. You know what prompted the black accents? The black handles on my sideboard & tv stand.
Living Room Makeover — Motherhood Charm
This Seb Sideboard from Castlery is one of my favorite pieces to date. It added such a dimension and texture to our space that’s unbelievable. I could stare at this beauty all day.

Seb sideboard | lamp | pampas grass | mirror | clear vase | book | wood garland |

Minimal home vibes – less is more.

Personally, I love this time of the year for a home makeover. I have this urge to deep clean and reorganize and declutter everything and it makes me feel so good. I had so much fun picking out each and every piece in our space and love how cozy and hygge it has made it.

Adding black accents through out gave it more texture and dimension. It added a bit of a personal touch, and I love that. I love bright and airy spaces that bring calmness and peace. It feels more inviting, more me.

Living Room Makeover — Motherhood Charm
I am obsessed with my new prints and frames from Opposite Wall. They added the perfect touch of cozy to our living space.
Living Room Makeover — Motherhood Charm
This corner just gives me all the vibes. I always hated how the AC in our condo sticks out, but now I notice it way less with all the different textures added. It almost blended it.
Living Room Makeover — Motherhood Charm
This is the TV stand from Castlery and it matches the Sideboard. They are both from their Seb Collection. All of their pieces are beautifully made to last.
Living Room Makeover — Motherhood Charm
Adding little details throughout like the olive tree and the coffee table pieces just makes it more welcoming. I always wondered how people create such cozy spaces.
Living Room Makeover — Motherhood Charm
This beautiful Valentine’s Day edition succulent is from Lula’s Garden. They have the prettiest succulents and they make for such great gifts, for any occasion.
Living Room Makeover — Motherhood Charm
Peep my little eight month old 🙂
Living Room Makeover — Motherhood Charm
This is the 10×13 wool rug from RUGS USA. This rug is so gorgeous, and so warm. It feels like walking on clouds. As for ever wool rug, it sheds for the first couple months. There is a process that it goes through and then after that you’ll have the most perfect rug for years to come.
Living Room Makeover — Motherhood Charm
Living Room Makeover — Motherhood Charm

Seb TV stand | Accent Chairs | Coffee Table | Coasters | Wood Garland | Rug | Coffee Table Book | Rattan Stool | Round Pillow | Eucalyptus Vase | Black and Beige Pillow with tassels | Olive Tree | Sofa | Arm Chair | Floor Lamp | Black Lamp | Photo Ledge |

One of the first things I did is create the photo ledge above the sofa. The photo ledge is two white shelves from Ikea connected together. It was the easiest transformation ever. Then I got prints and frames from Opposite Wall to add a little boldness to the neutral look. I am thinking to add a few smaller prints to layer.

Favorite Coffee Table Books

I worked with LOLROI RUGS for the pattern rug. I had this idea of layering rugs, and I have yet to do this which is why you are seeing photos with both of the rugs separately. This is a thinner rug, and the pattern is stunning. This rug is from the Hathaway Collection called HTH-07 IVORY/MULTI.

Living Room Makeover — Motherhood Charm
Living Room Makeover — Motherhood Charm

Home is where you are.

Overall this whole space was a huge makeover and I am so happy with how everything turned out. I am so thankful for all the brands that contributes to the makeover in partnering with me. And I am thankful for all your support because without you, I wouldn’t be here. I cannot wait to bring you along on our home buying journey next!

Which, by the way has not been that successful as we have a lot of expectations in what we need the house to have (many would say why not build? But we already went through those pros and cons in this post here). Having lived in a condo 8+ years and four (almost five) kids later we really have a good concept of what we want in our forever home and we are not willing to compromise on much. We need more space, we need a big backyard and we want the home in a good neighborhood, good school district most importantly. That’s partly why it is taking us longer than maybe most people to find our perfect home. And, as much as we want to find our home like tomorrow, we are not in a rush.

There will be a story highlight of the makeover on my Instagram page so be sure to follow me there @mrs.vesnatanasic

Love, Vesna

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