What oils are safe during pregnancy and what to avoid?

If you’re new to essential oils, the first thing to cross your mind is likely whether or not essential oils for pregnancy nausea are safe.

Most of you that follow me know this is my fifth pregnancy, however it’s my first using essential oils. I joined Young Living in September 2020, (you can read more about that here), and I have done a fair amount of research on oils + pregnancy before continuing their use. While I am very relaxed with my oils, I think it’s important to be well informed to make sound decisions.

Whenever I felt fatigue I found it harder to go on with my day. I love using essential oils and supplements to help with this. Every morning, first thing I have a glass of water and add a drop of Lemon Vitality to help me feel refreshed. It also helps keep my tummy happy. I swear by Tranquil roller as it helps me unwind and relax at night like nothing else.

If you are a pregnant mama, or trying to concieve or have a friend that’s pregnant or trying to concieve share this post with them.

There are tons of books for reference and a lot of information on oils. Having said that, I wish I knew more about oils with my first four pregnancies, but none the less here we are in my second trimester of my fifth pregnancy.

Oils We Love and Why


Peppermint oil helps alleviate nauseousness when inhaled. Just inhale a little when your morning sickness hits. It is also great for headaches, (I made a headache roller using Peppermint and it’s a life saver for me). If you don’t want to make a roller, you can add a drop with some carrier oil (I use fractionated coconut oil) and apply to temples, back of neck and wrists.


Lavender has all the calming and relaxing vibes. It brings you to a peaceful state of mind, promotes restful sleep and gives you rest. Apply to wrists before bedtime, combine with Cedarwood in your diffuser at night.

Gentle Baby

Gentle Baby is a must have for every pregnant mama and for postpartum. You can rub on growing belly to moisturize stretching skin, and apply to bottoms of your feet as well. Diffuse during the day. It’s like magic in a bottle for pregnant mamas.

Peace & Calming

Peace & Calming is exactly as its name. If you already have kids and are pregnant, diffuse in the afternoon for tantrum taming and rub on your feet, ankles or whatever part of your body feels tense with coconut oil.


Thieves supports our immune system. Make a roller, diluted with coconut oil and roll on your back and bottoms of feet. Our immune systems are weaker during pregnancy and we are more likely to catch something, so always use Thieves roller. I made a Wellness Roller you can read here.


Snifflease is part of the KidScents line but it’s also amazing during pregnancy! There is really nothing you can do about the sniffles during pregnancy, so keeping this oil at hand is a must. Massage onto nose and cheeks for respiratory support. I diffuse this in the kids room when they have sniffles or the air is just dry.

Grapefruit & Cypress

Grapefruit and Cypress combined with a pump of carrier oil (I use fractioned coconut oil) and rubbed on your legs will help with circulation.

Oils to Avoid During Pregnancy and Why

While there are no hard and fast rules, here are some oils you may want to avoid during pregnancy. The reason being is that they can cause early contractions and that’s a no-no.

  • Clary Sage*
  • Clove
  • Rosemary
  • Wintergreen
  • RutaVala
  • Fennel
  • Idaho Tansy or Hyssop

*I am keeping Clary Sage on hand if I am overdue with my fifth baby this time around. It helps with natural contractions and labor, but you don’t want to use it until you’re ready.


Avoid during first trimester.


While peppermint was extremely helpful during morning sickness in first trimester, avoid in your third trimester and postpartum if you’re breastfeeding. Personally, I LOVE peppermint and even made this peppermint tea (see below) but it is said to decrease milk supply if you use it while nursing.

Diffuser Blends during Pregnancy

Personally I love diffusing essential oils. They bring calmness to our home, uplift and boost our mood. Depending on the time of the day I have my favorite blends to diffuse, which you can find here. One of my favorite oils is Gentle Baby. It’s safe for babies, and it’s like little magic in a bottle for moms-to-be. I love diffusing it on it’s own. I also love love this roller blend for all the emotional support. Here are some other blends you may love during pregnancy.

Sweet Dreams

3 drops of Lavender

2 drops of Cedarwood

Rise & Shine

2 drops of Peppermint

2 drops of Lemon


3 drops of Lavender

3 drops of Copaiba

2 drops of Lemon

Birth Room Blend



Ylang Ylang

Roman Chamomille

I won’t be taking my diffuser with me to the labor room, but I plan on making this roller to take with me to help during labor and all the emotions thereafter.

Cramps, Sciatica & Muscle Pain

Deep Relief roller is great for leg cramping — just roll it on your legs. Panaway diluted is also great for areas that are tense causing you pain, like those stiff muscles, etc. CBD rub is another one to help with cramps, sciatic nerve and all the muscle pain. Panaway contains Wintergreen, however Panaway diluted can be used on areas that hurt.

I highly recommend the book Gentle Babies that you can purchase for all your pregnancy, childbirth, infants and young children questions.

I am linking some great books for you here —

These are the things I found out while researching for my own pregnancy and wanted to share with you. Here is another source you can check out directly from Young Living — pregnancy and essential oils. Again, I always suggest doing your own research and doing what you are comfortable with.

If you are currently using essential oils or plan on using essentials oils, my number one recommendation is to find a brand that offers 100% pure, unadulterated oils. Those are usually not found at your favorite stores. Personally, I love what Young Living as a company stands for and love their essential oils, as they are pure with seed to seal promise.

My direct YL website if you’d like to join me — click here to find what you need and don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Find me on Instagram @mrs.vesnatanasic as I share daily about essential oils.

Xoxo, Vesna

  1. This is really good info!!!! I swear by tranquil I use it ever night. Valor got me through my natural childbirth with Roman. In between contractions I would make my nurse rub it all over my wrists and neck! Swear by valor!!

    1. I am taking Valor with me to the hospital for sure! Thank you so much 🙂

  2. Doesn’t thieves contain rosemary and clove oil in it? What’s the difference that you can use it but must avoid rosemary and clove? I’m using thieves at the moment in the diffuser because of a cough going through the house, but I’ve avoided it the rest of this pregnancy.

    1. Yes, Thieves has rosemary and clove in it. It’s diluted, and I felt safe using it during my pregnancies. I am not an expert, but I love to share what I have used and what I have avoided during my pregnancy. I cleaned with Thieves household cleaner as well. Again, it all comes to what you’re comfortable with.

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