We bought a house!

We bought a house! It all happened so quickly. I honestly thought we’d never find a house with the way things were going but we did. We found our dream house and I cannot wait to make it our home. I swear, these past few months have been a whirlwind of emotions for me. All of us actually but at the end, it was all worth it. Always trust God’s timing.

Life Update

We sold our condo in May, and closing was set for June 7th. Little did I know that the closing wouldn’t happen until July! Some of you may remember me asking on stories if I should start packing right of away or wait, and most everyone said to pack right away! With closing being set to June 7th for our condo, I quickly got boxes from Home Depot and packed 95% of our things by end of May. Meanwhile, we started house hunting and it became so frustrating as we were not finding anything we liked. Closing was approaching and I was freaking out because we didn’t know what we were going to do, so we started looking into rental properties. I was honestly set on renting for sometime until we find our house, because we agreed we wouldn’t rush into home buying.

Long story short, renting was not going to work for us either. It quickly became the worst idea ever! Meanwhile, the buyers for the condo requested an extension, then another extension and yet another.

Well, we officially closed on our condo July 26th but stayed there until August 10th and continued our home search. In the meantime we found our house! We went to see it and as soon as we saw it, we fell in love. I was in love, it was my dream house. We put in an offer that same day, and our offer was accepted. OMG I couldn’t believe it! Knowing how the market is, and knowing how many people have made offers on houses and it didn’t work out, I could mot believe ours was accepted hours after. I honestly couldn’t believe it, like this was happening! We stayed at my parents through the process and closed on our house August 13th! We moved in this past Thursday and couldn’t be more excited to start living in our new house. After living in a condo for almost ten years, we bought a house!

We had so much luck with our home buying process thanks to the best team over at Cross Country Mortgage. Honestly, I cannot recommend the people at our local Cross Country Mortgage branch any more. They were beyond amazing to work with, walked us through every step of the process and made sure we knew exactly what needed to be done. Their entire team was friendly, professional and should I say, efficient. They helped us close on our dream house in no time. If you are local and in the market of house buying, I can whole heartedly recommend this branch to you.

And, our real estate agent Julija Jovanovic with d’aprile properties not only helped us sell our condo in no time, she helped us buy our house! She is really amazing at what she does, and most of all looks out for your personal preferences and needs. Our attorney was also amazing and very knowledgeable, definitely would recommend her to anyone buying local (Chicago suburbs).

Now, that I think of it, I cannot believe everything that transpired in the last few months. We have been living with packed boxes since May. Since May! And, if I am being honest it was so depressing living surrounded with boxes and nothing to do!

One of the reasons house hunting was hard for us, besides the overpriced market is because we had a lot of needs that needed to be met. We were buying a forever home and wanted everything to check off on our list. We knew we wanted a large backyard so the kids can play and we can have our own space. We knew we wanted a good, safe neighborhood with great schools. We always imagined raising our children in the suburbs and love the spacious houses. loving weatherWe wanted some privacy, a neighborhood style yet we wanted spacious backyard and houses not too close to each other. Then we wanted an open floor concept, newer build, finished basement, high ceilings, and of course 4+ bedrooms. All this just seemed unreal! Not to mention the houses were flying off the market!

I am so excited to share more with you all as we make this house our home. I am excited to decorate everything but mostly I am excited to begin this journey as a family of seven. So hope you’ll stick around as I plan on sharing a lot more home decor photos and our life as a family of seven!

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  1. I am so happy for you all congratulations!!! Cannot wait to see all the home content. Your style is amazing so I know it will be beautiful! God bless!

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