5 Simple Rules About Living in a Stylish Home with Kids

Stylish homes with kids — Motherhood Charm

Are you tired of feeling like you can’t have anything nice in your home because your kids will destroy it? Don’t distress because it’s possible to have a stylish house and happy kids.

If you have followed me for a while now, you may have noticed that I always pick light furniture and decorate our house as if there weren’t kids around. That is because I love decorating and things that bring me joy, in my opinion, shouldn’t be eliminated from decor options. When styling a home with kids, I always try to stay consistent and keep pieces in the same spot. For example, my coffee table always has decor and I never remove it whether my fifteen month old is there or not. She, and I am referring mainly to her right now because she is the youngest and at the most curious age will see everything and not touch it. Even when she tries to touch something, I always say “that’s mommy’s” and she will move on. But, when I bring something like a bowl of snacks or fruit and put it on the coffee table, she goes right for it. So that’s why in today’s post, I want to answer the two most asked questions I get.

Stylish Homes with Kids — Motherhood Charm

I always get asked two questions on here, and that is “How do you have so much light furniture with five kids” OR “how come your kids don’t mess with your decor” and here are my 5 simple rules for that.

Five Simple Rules for Decorating with little Kids

  1. Never decorate your home around kids, rather teach them what they can and cannot play with that way they will be aware of what is decor and what are toys. I have coffee table books and my kids have learned that those books are not for them to flip through rather for mommy.
  2. Always style and add pieces that bring you joy, even if they are breakable, they will get used to it being there and will leave it alone. I keep my vases out in the open, things are on the floor and the kids, even my fifteen month old have learned to leave it alone.
  3. No food or drinks on white couches, just water and some dry snacks (shoes are completely off limit in our house in general)
  4. Invest in higher quality, durable and easily wipeable fabric such as your couches that way you won’t cringe every time your kids bring something onto it. Buy washable rugs that you can just toss in the washer to wash.
  5. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember that this is a phase that will pass too, your kids will grow up and you may regret not letting them do certain things. So if you have things that are more valuable to you than the bond you have with your kids, then keep those things locked.
Stylish Home with Kids — Motherhood Charm

I am one of those people that always said that when I have kids I will not move my decor around for them and that I will continue to style my house the way I always I did. Five kids later, that remains true.

I truly believe that you should not decorate your home around kids and certainly not move things around for them either. Keep that book and that breakable vase and those beads on your coffee table, and teach your kids what they can and cannot play with. I always say, this is mommy’s and point them to find their toys to play with.

Hopefully you found this blog post helpful and have inspiration to decorate your home the way it makes you happy and satisfied. I would love to hear your thoughts on this too. Be sure to leave me any questions in the comments below and follow me on Instagram (@mrs.vesnatanasic) for more inspiration.

Love, Vesna

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