The playroom on the main level.

Playroom on the Main Level

The playroom is finally done! I had a vision for this little space from the moment I saw it. The day we came to see the house, I saw this room and immediately imagined it as a playroom and I saw our babies playing here. Isn’t it crazy where our imagination can take us? Fast forward two months later and we are living here and this room I saw, became their playroom IRL.

This room was suppose to be our office but we gave it up so we can have a playroom on the main level — the other option was upstairs in the Bonus room or the Basement. But, since we have little ones that aren’t great with the stairs yet I preferred to have it on the main level where it is easier for me to keep an eye on them while they play. In about three years or so we will most likely move it upstairs to the Bonus room.

Decorating the Playroom

This space is right off our entryway so I didn’t want to go too juvenile but I also wanted to make sure it still felt different than the rest of the house – and playful.

I love a colorful playroom but I cannot do obnoxious colors so we kept it more to a pastel tone throughout.

Toy Storage

And because this is a playroom we needed a lot of storage for toys so I had the idea of doing the entire wall of storage cubes and it worked out perfectly. I was able to fit in three six cube storage units in here.

We also have a huge closet in here where we store extra books, games and puzzles as well as all of our Homeschool things.

Paint Color

We used White Dove by Benjamin Moore for the walls and the ceiling is ultra pure white.


Most of you know I love my essential oils, so this cute Owl diffuser was a must have in the playroom. We diffuse oils daily in here and some of my favorite for the playroom include KidPower, Peace & Calming, Lavender and Geneyus.

PLAY decal | Storage Cube | Baskets | Play is the Work of the Child sign | The Alphabet print | World Map print | Rainbow bookends | Rainbow stacking | Owl Diffuser | Table with two chairs | Rug | DUKTIG kitchen set | DUKTIG kitchen roll set |

Playroom Inspo— Motherhood Charm
I knew we needed the PLAY decals from Urbandwalls.
Playroom Inspo— Motherhood Charm
The Alphabet and World Map prints are the perfect addition to this wall.
Playroom Inspo— Motherhood Charm
Thank You Urbanwalls for this PLAY decal.
Playroom Inspo— Motherhood Charm
Play is the Work of the Child.

We have five kids — oldest being seven, Vasilije and second oldest being five, Mateja. They prefer to play in the Basement, where they have “bigger” toys. So the playroom was more catered to the girls, three year old Anastasija and sixteen month old Aleksandra.

Eventually, I plan on creating a big kid space in the Bonus room where I can add some real seating for them and a bigger reading corner. A space the bigger kids can enjoy more. But, because home takes time and we have only been here for a month and a half, I am taking it slow and doing everything as time permits.

Playroom Inspo— Motherhood Charm
Pre-pasted Elsi Rainbow from Anewall.
Playroom Inspo— Motherhood Charm
The kitchen corner with the perfect rainbow.
Playroom Inspo— Motherhood Charm
The girls having coffee 🙂
Playroom Inspo— Motherhood Charm
This kitchen is so beautiful in person and such good quality.
Playroom Inspo— Motherhood Charm
High chair for dolls or our favorite Cuddle & Kind dolls.
Playroom Inspo— Motherhood Charm
We cut the pre-pasted Elsi rainbow from Anewall to fit this corner I envisioned for the kitchen and it worked out so well.

Kitchen | Bakery |Bakery dessert set | Doll table and chair set |Gotz Emma Doll | Bailey Doll | High chair | Letter “A” print | Rainbow | Nugget | Heart garland | Book shelf | Doll carseat | Tea set | Baby Doll Laila | Doll Stroller | Glenview Dollhouse | Sloan Doll Crib | Cuddle and Kind Dolls |

All of our books were random purchases from all over. All of our Serbian books were purchased while we visited Serbia, but you can order Serbian books from here.

I am so happy with how this space turned out, and even though it may not be as neutral as the rest of the house I love seeing it in color. It makes me even happier when I see them play in here.

I tried to link everything for you here in this post, but always feel free to message me on Instagram @mrs.vesnatanasic if you have any questions. Follow me for more inspo!

Playroom Inspo— Motherhood Charm


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