Girls’ Shared Room

It’s finally done! Well, for now at least. The girls’ shared bedroom is done and I am so happy with the end result. Even happier seeing the girls’ so happy in their room.

This is it. This is what I envisioned since I was pregnant with Aleksandra. I knew I wanted the girls to share a room one day and that day has finally come.

I want them to grow up best friends. It may seem like they will regardless, because they are sisters but I wanted to make a room for them to love growing up together in.

A lot went into their room. So let me begin with the paint. I picked White Dove-OC 17 by Benjamin Moore and the trims are ultra pure white. There is small resemblance between the two. White Dove is so popular, and I can see why. It’s the perfect blend of cool and warm white. The perfect balance.

The wall hearts decal are from Urbanwalls. They were so easy to apply. Just peel them off and stick to the wall. They also come off easily.
I knew I wanted them to have white metal beds. Perhaps I could have splurged, but I love the simplicity of the IKEA beds. They can easily be adjusted from toddler to full size bed. The mattresses are also from Ikea.
Bedding is from Beddy’s and they are my FAVORITE when it comes to kids bedding. All the kids have them and I couldn’t be happier. They make their own beds in the mornin, with exception of Aleksandra because she is only 16 months. They just have to zip them up. That’s it.
Anastasija, my three and a half year old loves pink and she wanted the room to be as pink as possible. We opted out of pink wall paint and instead did pink accents like the canopies, mirror, pillows, hearts, etc. She was in love with it all. Aleksandra, our sixteen month old was just happy about it all.
The swan and canopy were a perfect find from Spinkie baby.
I saw this night stand even before I had the rest picked out. It’s such good quality and perfect between the girls’ beds.
The photos don’t do the mirror justice — it is so gorgeous!
These bows are so adorable and I knew exactly where I would put it.
Anastasija put that floral stem there. That was all her haha!
I had envisioned a dress rack for the girls and this was perfect — handmade from wood from a small shop on Etsy.
Then I got each of the girls their personalized white hanger and the rest wooden hangers. Anastasija was so happy to hang her dresses up and told me we need to buy some more pretty dresses.
And more than anything this blog post is for me, to always have this to look back ok. I am so happy I had this vision come to life for the girls.
I will not be adding curtains in their room because this window is so beautiful to me on its own.
But, I do plan on adding a vanity for each girl on the opposite wall — maybe that will be their New Year’s gift.

Have you seen the playroom reveal?

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