About Me [welcome to modern Motherhood]

Hello Gorgeous!

Welcome to Motherhood Charm, where motherhood meets style. My name is Vesna Tanasic, and I am a mom of two most handsome boys, Vasilije and Mateja and little lady Anastasija. Motherhood is my muse, and my boys and little lady are my daily inspiration. Our background is Eastern European (Serbian). We moved to the States in 2000, which is where I met my hubby. Now, a family of five we are living in the Chicago area, and mastering parenting together.

I didn’t create this blog as an outlet to my daily life, I created it because I want to help other mamas and women, in general feel beautiful in their own skin. This blog is kind if like an intersection where motherhood meets style. Just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you cannot feel beautiful and be stylish, and I am here to show you that with my daily outfit inspirations, motherhood journey, and ways to embrace the every day chaos, the every day charms of motherhood that all is possible while being stylish too.

I also like to keep it real, and while you may think that I have it all together based on my perfectly squared Instagram feed, you should know that those are highlights of my days, and that not every single day is good. I have bad days too, but it’s all about how you decide to deal with the situation.

I have learned to let go of things as each baby was born, I’ve learned to be more patient and control my short-temper (although at times, oh man, it’s just not possible). I have come to realize that being happy is the ultimate goal in life in general.

So welcome to modern motherhood – grab your coffee (or wine) and stay a while. I hope to inspire you to love motherhood as much as I do, and enjoy mom life in style. Here is to Motherhood in Style.

Let’s Collaborate!

I would love to work with you! Please contact me at motherhoodcharm@gmail.com if you’re interested in partnering with me.

Love, Vesna