Meet Vesna!


Welcome to Motherhood Charm, where motherhood meets style and style meets interior design. I am Vesna Tanasic, the face behind the Blog, a mom of five, an entrepreneur and avid interior designer!

I love my family and they always come first, which is why I became passionate about non-toxic lifestyle! It took me a while to realize how important it is too look at the ingredients of the products we were bringing into our home, but once I started the switch to safer products was easy. Now I love to help others switch to safer!

Besides being a Beautycounter Consultant and Young Living Essential Oils Distributor, I love sharing everything about motherhood and how we navigate life with five kids on the daily! I work from home, and my husband spends majority of his day at the office which also means I parent solo a lot. I made a conscious decision and left the corporate world almost three years ago now to be at home with our kids, and it has been the best decision ever. I get to spend time with our kids and do what I love.

We bought our first house in August 2021. I am not an expert but passionately obsessed with interior design. I slowly realized how much joy home decor brings me so I have been decorating our forever house one day at a time, making it our own home. What’s my style? I am a mixer of style, metals, fabric and everything. I truly believe home takes time and your style is unique to you. Make home yours.

I also like to keep it real, and while you may think that I have it all together based on my perfectly squared Instagram feed, you should know that those are highlights of my days, and that not every single day is rainbows and shine. I have bad days too, and that’s okay! Sometimes, it’s all about perspective and I am a glass-half-full kind of a person!

I have learned to let go of things as each baby was born, I’ve learned to be more patient and take control of my life. I have come to realize that being happy is the ultimate goal in life.

So welcome to modern motherhood – grab your coffee (or wine) and stay a while. I hope to inspire you to love motherhood as much as I do, while educating you on safer personal care products. I hope to inspire you to lead a healthier lifestyle and take ownership of your life through safer products.

Love, Vesna

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