Hello friends!
My name is Vesna Tanasic, and I am a mom of two most handsome boys, Vasilije and Mateja and a baby girl due in January 2018. Motherhood is my muse, and my boys are my daily inspiration. Our background is Eastern European (Serbian). We moved to the States in 2000, which is where I met my hubby. Now, soon to be a family of five, we are living in the Chicago area, and mastering parenting together.

I didn’t create this blog as an outlet to my daily life, I created it because of us millennial moms juggling kids around while looking stylish. I am passionate about many things including fashion + travel + healthy eating + fitness but nothing beats motherhood. I truly believe that mom life is the best life, and I am here to share our captured daily moments.  I am all about my boys, and they are always by my side. Here is to us moms, and our motherhood journeys!

You may think that I have it all together, but in all honesty I don’t, I really I don’t… it’s one of those, you fake it until you make it. I have learned to let go of things as each baby was born, I’ve learned to be more patient and control my short-temper (although at times, oh man, it’s just not possible). I have come to realize that being happy is the ultimate goal in life in general.

So grab your coffee (or wine) and stay a while. I hope to inspire you to love motherhood so much, and believe that there is more to us moms that just spit up tops and sweats!

Let’s Collaborate!

I would love to work with you! I have enjoyed working with brands for product reviews, ambassadorships and more. Please contact me at motherhoodcharm@gmail.com if you’re interested in partnering with me.


Love, Vesna